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Mass Chants to practice

If you are interested in singing with us, click for more information and practice resources.

Some background:

There are two sets of chants for every mass: the Proper and the Ordinary. The "Ordinary" refers to the text common to every mass, and for chant this refers to the Kyrie, the Gloria, the Sanctus, and the Agnus Dei.

The "Proper" refers to the texts proper to that specific feast or day on the liturgical calendar. These texts are the Introit, the Gradual, the Alleluia (because the verse changes), the Offertorio, and the Communio. In a Novus Ordo mass, the Gradual is replaced by the Responsorial Psalm, and the Entrance Antiphon (Introit), Offertory Antiphon, and Communion Antiphon are all usually replaced by hymns.

These chants are all notated in so-called "Square note" notation. They are also called Neumes. If you're not familiar with the different shapes, this brief (13-page) PDF will help:

The Ordinary:

The Ordinary belongs to the people. This music will be in the program, and people should join in if they are able. However, the Schola will lead so we don't get off the melody. We will sing the Missa de Angelis, because it's likely the most familiar. Here are some resources from Corpus Christi Watershed website:

Mass VIII — De Angelis  Complete Score (PDF)
*This Credo is not actually from Missa De Angelis (which doesn't have one).

In addition to the above, many responses, such as "Et cum spiritu tuo" and the last line of the Pater Noster: "Sed libera nos a malo." You can see the Parish Book of Chant (free PDF) from the Church Music Association of America for a guide to singing the Extraordinary Form Mass.

The Proper:

The Gregorian Propers are a little more complex than the ordinary. We will sing the propers for the Feast of Christ the King. Below are the traditional Gregorian Propers. These are very ancient, and many of the melodies date from the time of Christ. We may replace these with simpler settings of the same, since there is so much to learn. Concentrate first on the Ordinary above.

Christ the King (A) - 34th and final Sunday in Ordinary Time

INTROIT ("Entrance Chant") • Dignus Est Agnus

GRADUAL • Dominabitur A Mari



COMMUNION CHANT • Amen Dico Vobis: Quod Uni Ex Minimis Meis Fecistis

More resources

These are mostly a resource for the organizers, but may be of general interest:

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